Cannot Uninstall Firewall - No listing for Comodo in Windows 7 Control Panel

I’m getting a yellow exclamation point in the system tray. So I want to uninstall so I can try a fresh install.

I’ve tried reinstalling already with no change.

Also, there is no listing for Comodo Firewall in the Windows 7 Control Panel. Makes it kinda hard to run the uninstaller. :-[

Any help here would be appreciated.

Attached is the diognostics report in txt format.

[attachment deleted by admin]

do you mean that you do not see “comodo firewall” with the other installed program ? so it is not installed.
if it is not installed delete the files in the download folder and clean up all with glary : one click.

you clean/uninstall comodo firewall then download a new and install it.

verify if windows firewall & defender (or your anti-virus ) are checked ON
clean/uninstall comodo firewall : you must follow this link and only this one :
download a new
disconnect your pc -uncheck windows firewall-install comodo firewall-connect your pc to internet -enjoy !

these two softs can help you if you need it :
Glary clean up your pc

revo can uninstall easily & deeply software

Hi Kathanjazian,
Look for ‘Add and Remove Components’ in Windows start menu under Comodo.
Start Menu>All Programs>Comodo>Comodo Firewall.

If the ‘Add and Remove Components’ wizard is available click to run and then select next on the wizards welcome screen, you will then be greeted with a remove option.

Kind regards.