Cannot Uninstall Comodo Firewall -- Uninstaller Package Missage

The recent upgrade to Comodo Firewall 10.0 hung during installation. Now, Comodo Firewall is behaving badly and I want uninstall it. However, the installer/uninstaller package is missing. I suspect the entire Firewall is corrupt. I restored the system to an earlier date but that did not fix the issue. Is there a stand-alone uninstaller package for Comodo CSI? All instructions I have been able to locate say to use the uninstaller package first. But, that is not possible for me.

You can grab the offline installer from here. But if that doesn’t work you can use the removal tools from this guide here.

I have the same problem, but with that offline installer, I can not disable Antivirus, only the Firewall, but I want only the Firewall and not the Antivirus.

Follow this guide and grab the cfw installer from the release topic.