cannot uninstall Comodo Firewall in Windows 7


I have install Comodo Firewall a few days ago and because I had some aplications that didn`t work with it I try to uninstall him but with no chance

If its allready a recent topic about this, Im sory for bring this up again but to be honest I didn`t find any.

Comodo Firewall in Sistem status have this mesage: The defense+ is not functioning proprely, please run the diagnostics utility to fix the problem, so when I run this, I get this message → The diagnostics utility could not fix this problem.Would you like to create a diagnostics report?

So I did try to reinstall Comodo firewall again and the same thing happens, I mean I have him installed but is not working ok and I can`t uninstall him from start->programs->Comodo->uninstall because I get this message from Windows : This action is only valid for products that are currently installed!

Please help me remove him!!!

Well, it’s probably some bug in comodo installer once again…

There’s an cleanup script for whole install clean-up forcefully, but as far I understand you’re stuck only on firewall or some driver. So:

-First of WARNING, you can destroy your entire system with this tool…

and we continue…

take a microsoft toy called ‘Autoruns’ and run that. on ‘Services’ and ‘drivers’ pages you’ll find titles marked as ‘COMODO’. Those files are the only/everything there is by comodo in your system, by removing those you’ll remove comodo entries from loading (doesn’t delete files).

It’s a good tool either way to learn to use. and forget any start-up other PC idiotic tools there is.

Clean up tool.

When using Autoruns make sure to let it hide Microsoft and Windows entries Options. After disabling them refresh (F5) to filter the Microsoft and Windows entries.