Cannot Temporarily Disable Any Components in CIS

Hi. I’m currently running Comodo Firewall v11.0.0.6744 on a Windows 10 machine. For some reason I cannot disable any of the components, either from the tray or when I open the application. It just doesn’t change. If memory serves, this seems to be a somewhat recent development - I do recall being able to disable components in the past. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

FWIW and on the off chance it might be relevant, the reason I’m trying to disable it is because Supermicro IPMI View 2.0 stopped working and cannot find the server to which I want to connect. The server is on a different subnet and IPMI View had worked just fine earlier but now cannot connect. The server is on a different subnet and so I can usually see traffic on the router when it works, but this time am not seeing anything, so I suspect something might be going on with Comodo Firewall. Rules had previously been set for IPMI View in Comodo to allow all traffic in and out, exempt it from HIPS, Containment, etc. Just trying to disable Comodo entirely to see if that might be the problem.

First question if a reboot fixes it.

Just taking a long shot. I am wondering if the configuration may have gotten corrupted. You could try to change to a different configuration just for testing. You would have to set up the specific Global and Application Rules for IPMI View again.

Or you could import a factory default configuration and start from there. The factory default configuration can be found in the CIS installation folder. When importing make sure to give a different (and applicable) name like Proactive Security for test to prevent an existing config from being overwritten. After importing don’t forget to activate the new config.