cannot shut down cmdagent [RESOLVED]

I thought the option to not run the app on windows start up was great. However cmdagent.exe is still running and cannot be stopped.

This makes troubleshooting difficult. (I am working on networks)

At least in the old version once you were started you could shut everything down., both cmdagent and cpf.exe.

Now I have to install the app.

Time to go back to v2.

[Topic Closed: If issue returns PM an online mod to open]

There is one method which worked for me:
Defense+ ->Advanced->Computer Security Policy->Comodo Firewall Pro->Edit->Protection Settings->Proccess Terminations->Modify->Add taskmgr.exe (located in %windir%\system32)->Apply everywhere

Then you’ll be able to shut down cmdagent.exe through task manager (ctrl alt del).

Rather rude approach, I know, but anyway…

BTW, maybe it’s better to set cmdagent.exe to “manual” instead of “auto” through run->services.msc

That sounds great. If I ever reinstall v3 I will definitely employ that workaround.

I found other problems (glitches) with v3 that I could not afford to live with. I use my systems to trade stocks and there is no way I can afford to have problems.

My printer and my standalone scanner all of sudden do not work and my start menu lags. As soon as I uninstalled v3 the lag went away and my printer and scanner work?

I wish I could tell you more but like I said, I cannot test buggy software
with my work machines.