Cannot see or access Shared Folders in My Network Places

Hello for some reason I’m unable to see any shared PC’s or folders/printers in my MSHOME network after installing Comodo Firewall. Even after uninstalling Comodo it still has left the PC’s default gateway at but the other PC’s have as default gateways, which is most likely the issue. Also why does Geekbuddy come installed by default with Comodo Free Firewall if they don’t even offer free support, it’s a waste of both of our time, I just learned by trying it out… Thanks for your help.


As far as I’m aware, CIS doesn’t affect the setting for the default gateway, either when installed or removed, so it’s odd you seem to have a different gateway. Just for clarity, we are talking about your router/modem address?

Assuming the default gateway has changed, you can return it to the required IP address by editing the settings on the Network Adapter. See Image. If you’re using DHCP, you can leave the fields blank - as they are in the image - otherwise, enter the appropriate details for your PC. If you’ve chosen to use Comodo’s DNS, leave the details for these settings populated.

For file and printer sharing to work correctly, you need to allow communication between the devices on your LAN. For CIS, this means allowing inbound and outbound connections for the file/printer sharing protocols. The easiest way to do this is to run Stealth Ports Wizard with the first option:

Define a new trusted network and make my ports stealth for everyone else

As far as Geekbudy is concerned, you can opt not to install this during installation. Image.

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May be your modem/router has two addresses that can be used for gateway address? My Speedtouch has and 192.168.1254 for possible gateway addresses.

Thank you EricJH, turns out they had that PC connected directly to the Comcast Modem/Router while I assumed (from remote location) that it was plugged into the same router/hub as the other PC’s…problem solved by plugged into router, Comodo back on and working fine.

Congrats on solving the problem. :-tu