Cannot Schedule Backups

Windows XP Home Edition SP3
Comodo Backup 4.0.7

Using the default list of backup options, I click on the scheduling button next to each one. I want the first to run on Mondays, then the next one to run on Tuesdays, etc. I go to SCHEDULED TASKS in the CONTROL PANEL and manually click on each one to run. Comodo Backup comes up and acts like it is going to run it but fails every time. If I just run the task normally within Comodo Backup, it runs fine. What’s wrong?

It seems that the issue is reproducible, we found the cause and we have a fix available.
You can download the proper file below, place it in your installation folder, run it and repeat the steps again.
It should work fine now.

GUI.exe (32bit OS)
GUI.exe (64bit OS)


Those seem to work. Thank you! I hope these will be integrated into newer versions.

Just be sure to delete the orginal CBU.exe then rename whichever of these you need to CBU.exe and paste it to where the original was.

EDIT: Well that was working now COMODO BackUp doesn’t want to open.

It doesn’t open at all?
Please check Task Manager for CBU.exe or GUI_[…].exe and terminate these processes if present.
Try again to open and if it doesn’t open create a dump file (Task Manager → Processes → right click → choose “Create Dump File”). Compress and upload the dump file to (you can create a free account) then share it and post the download link.