Cannot save settings if running Comodo under non administrative account.


when running Comodo from a restricted account, (Comod 3x329**,XP, SP3, “Users” as opposed to “Administrators”) I cannot save changes to the configurations … best guess is that I need to set the permissions on the config file accordingly…however…
even when I try exporting the config somewhere where the current user has full access, I get an access denied error.

Any idea what to do about that? And also, what file does Comodo use, to store its current settings?

Thx, Mike

** I don’t use the current version, since “Trusted Software Vendors” does not work there

Exit Comodo Firewall and start it again as an Administrator. Then export your settings :slight_smile: Exit the Firewall again and start it as a regular user :slight_smile:
It’s a Vista issue, hopefully Comodo will fix this. :wink:

CFP stores its configuration settings in the Windows registry. WinXP generally doesn’t let non-admin users change the registry, which improves security but can be inconvenient. I don’t know if SP3 has changed anything in regard to that or not.

Thx guys, any idea how to start cfp.exe at boot time with administrative rights - other than logging in as admin :wink: and ideally something more elegant than using a shortcut cfp.lnk to cfp.exe and configure the shortcut to use another account??

Well, you could use AutoIT to script running Comodo with alternate credentials. On XP, you could also use SUDOWin to enable running Comodo with elevated permissions…

I will definetyly have a look into these tools, however I am a little concerned storing admin passwords locally and I assume this is what they do)

What registry keys Comodo does use to store its config … I could change permissions on these … and put them into Comodo’s protected keys list to prevent other applications meddling with them.