Cannot Remove Zonealarm Pro

I cannot remove Zonealarm Pro And I Installed it with a CD…

I need the Password to Remove it and I cant remember the password anyone know what to do?

  1. Get a fine ■■■■ (1 to 5 bottles at least) or similar “tranquilizers”
  2. Open the first bottle
  3. Prepare yourself for the final battle, ehhm… bottle :slight_smile:
  4. Do a clean reinstall of your OS (I guess it’s XP you’r running?)



  1. Stay sober before taking any further steps
  2. Watch out for your original XP installation CD (if really found, keep it warm and safe between your knees for the next few hours :slight_smile:
  3. Go online (while it might be dangerous using ZA, there is no other way for you at the moment to get the necessary progs.)
  4. download CPF 3.0 if not already done so
  5. download a fine antivir. (Avira recommended)
  6. download nliteos.

Before doing anything else:

a) install nliteos
b) read about it’s possibilities in this forum
c) create your own personalized OS CD from your overbloated original installation CD.
d) backup all necessary prog exe files (sec, as, etc., i.e. all program installation files you want to keep and reuse) on at least two cds/dvds (imagine ONE of them should not work for any reason afterwards… :slight_smile:

Save this message and print it out.

now, continue with step 7

CHEERS, friend :slight_smile:

Zone Alarm is sexy!

Well if it wont uninstall you can do a fake uninstall (with out reformatting.)

Stop the zone alarm services

Delete program files

And you should be able to install another firewall


YOu need to remove all the zonealarm files that it leaves behind.

Do a search of your computer for the following and remove them. Once you reboot you’ll find it will have completely removed.

  • Next go to Start > Search > Files and Folders. Make sure the location box is set to search your Local Hard Drive (usually C:\ ) or All Local Drives. Also make

sure the Advanced Search Options are set to search subfolders and hidden files. Now copy the entire line below, paste it into the search box and click Search Now.

Zonelabs; “zone labs”; “Internet logs”; vsconfig.xml; vsdata.dll; vsdata95.vxd; vsdatant.sys; vsmon.; vsmonapi.dll; vsnetutils.dll;vspubapi.dll; zaplus.; zapro.; zllictbl.dat; zlparser.dll; zonealarm.exe; zoneband.dll; vsutil.dll; zlclient.

*** HINT *** You can search for all the files at once by just cutting and pasting all the above names into your search box.


Lol that’s the worst sh*t I’ve heard, password for uninstalling!
Anyways, try getting it from the Dark Side or use a bruteforcer.
Else you could contact the ZA support, and if they don’t help you, launch a DOS attack against their server.

Or if you’re not a hacker, you could simply delete all related files and folders like EricEgan said. Remember to clean the registry afterwards (CCleaner should do it).

I’ll do that…

“Lol that’s the worst sh*t I’ve heard, password for uninstalling!”

There is only a password if you set a password for the settings :stuck_out_tongue: