cannot remove usb flash drive

hi, i’m a newbie.i’ve installed CAVS & spyware terminator last i have a problem.i cannot remove my usb flash says " cannot remove the devise right now". can somebody help me?

Hey ganda, welcome to the forum!

This is a bug in CAVS 2.0 Beta. To remove the device properly, you’ll have to restart the computer. Then you should be able to remove it.


I disable On-Access a few seconds (maybe 15) b4 plugging in my flash (I know it’s clean), and then don’t typically have problems.

One user said they force a dismount of the usb drive by going to the drive icon (not systray icon), choosing Eject and going through the stop process and error messages a couple times, then choosing Eject again (I think that’s what they posted). They said then it would work.


Here we go; this is the post I referred to, and a new one by bushidoblade. I’ve got to try that to see if it works (the “eject” option doesn’t reliably work for me).;msg78737#msg78737


Sorry that didn’t work for you; it seems to do well on mine (not the eject trick, though). At any rate, we know that Comodo is aware of it, so they will be working on a fix for the next release. Hopefully that will be fine & dandy.

Don’t tell anyone :wink: , but when I get frustrated enough at it and can’t reboot at the moment, I just take the darn thing out. Not recommended, I know, possible damage to data and so on. Never experienced any ill side effects. CAVS aside, over the years there have been lots of times that Windows has refused to let go of it; unlike Linux where the unmount option seems to work flawlessly…