Cannot Remove Comodo Internet Security

Hi all - please help a novice!

HO PavillionDV61210sa

From PC world - bought with preinstalled Comodo ‘HopSurf’ (?) .

Apologies but using a different Firewall & AV -

Clicked uninstall -

Says Uninstalled, but show Windows firewall and Comodo firewall are on
Shows Comodo AV & Malware protector still on …

If I install the other software (bullguard) - network and internet don’t work - bullguard cannot update - and Windows security shows 3 lots of firewalls and AV running …

Please help -

How do I completely uninstall Comodo Internet Security - I cant find it as an installed program anywhere on the pc



It seems something went wrong when you uninstalled the program. What you can try is the following:

[1] go to the comodo website and download the latest version
[2] shut down all active unnecessary programs and install the latest version
[3] when full install is done reboot.
[4] now you have the un-installer again. go to the internet and download the portable version of revo un-installer.
[5] run revo and uninstall comodo internet security
[6] reboot and check if everything is normal

you can also run some registry cleaners to check if all remains are gone…

Let me know is everything worked out well for ya.

Have a nice day!

Or try this clean up tool.