Cannot remove CIS from Local Disk

I cannot remove CIS from my Local disk. I have uninstalled it and removed the files from my Program List, but it is still on my laptop and preventing me from accessing my printer or Skype (had these blocked since installing).
I have disabled the Help Service on my Admisitrator->Services, but it wont let me delete the files in my Local Disk Program Files. Message saying I need permission to perform this operation (I am the admin on my laptop!) even though I have given Windows permission to do this. In particular wont let me delete cavshell.dll, cmdagent and framework.dll.

I really need to delete this program so I can use my printer again!!!
I am not a computer wiz, so nice easy steps would be good!
Laptop is Windows Vista.

Hi Confused,
You could try this unofficial Comodo uninstaller tool.

Also you might have enabled Secure DNS during install, this might be what is blocking things for you please find information and instructions here.
Kind regards.