Cannot reinstall CVA beta

Several months back uninstalled CVA beta troubleshooting a problem with another program.
Back then and now I am unable to install the current CVA beta because it says it is already installed.
see attachment.

I used find in registery editor for Comodo Vulnerablity Analyzer and it found severeal keys which I deleted, but the same message keeps coming back.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi UncleDoug,

The issue is due to a key not being removed by the CVA un-installer prior to version
You can manually delete the following key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComodoGroup\CDI\12”.

Hope this resolves the issue.


Thank You Rahul !

How foolish I feel, that I could not find the answer on my own :-[

You can manually delete the following key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ComodoGroup\CDI\12".

Install and uninstall tips like this should be found with each software in the faq page.

Did notice that several software that CVA showed there was new updates. After I downloaded it the files, dates were the same with the installed version?.

Two of which were JKDefrag and Process Explorer, another I did not even attempt to download was
Open Office, the reason was that the File Hippo “Update Checker” only had one item in its updates for my system and that was Nvidia Forceware update, which was not in the CVA list.
Open Office is one that it does list new updates for.

Also it showed PowerDVD has an update, glad I read the fine print. The Free version I now use would have been over written with a 30 day trial.

Again Thank You for the easy tip ! :-TU


Hi UncleDoug,

Glad to help you. Can you please let us know the versions of the products you had mentioned. A screenshot would be great. We’ll look into the issue.