Cannot reinstall Comodo

After removing Comodo to try other firewalls, I cannot reinstall Comodo successfully. On startup, there is a long “configuration” period, then three error messages appear - Network Monitor is not active, Application Monitor is not active, Application Agent has an incompatable version (all 3 suggest reinstalling the application). When opening the program, none of the services can be turned on. I’m trying to reinstall version

XP SP1, DSL, user with full rights, and Kaspersky antivirus. Other firewalls/antivirus tried and then removed include Panda, Sunbelt Kerio, Jetico, ZoneAlarm, NOD32. Windows firewall is off. Searched the registry for entries for removed programs and removed all I found. In Kaspersky, I gave full permissions to the 6 Comodo files listed in Program Files/Comodo/Firewall.

Any other suggestions? (should have left well-enough alone…javascript:void(0);