Cannot re-install COMODO Firewall Pro

Following a pretty severe freeze - couldn’t get to my desktop after installing COMODO antivirus, I uninstalled ALL COMODO files I could find using DOS

Now, I cannot reinstall Firewall Pro as I keep getting told

You seem to be having COMODO Firewall Pro installed using older version of installer. Please go to ‘Start->Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs’ section and un-install Comodo Firewall.

Any ideas HOW I can get rid of all lingering files so I can get a clean install???

Many thanks

Hi malrota1.

It seems highly likely that you still have redundant entries for cfp in your registry, which is why you are receiving the message about an ‘old’ version.

The firewall keeps most of its entries under [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo, so you would need to check that location and see what remains.

Also, are you still seeing an entry for cfp in ‘Add/Remove’ programs even after the un-installer has been run?


OK Mate, Thanks, Will try as you suggest

Most sincerely,


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Hi everyone, Tried what Toggie suggested and now I have the following in my registry. How do I take IT OUT Please

Error Deleting Key

Cannot delete LEGACY_COMODO_ANTI-VIRUS_AND_ANTI-SPYWARE_SERVICE: Error while deleting key.


Any help is appreciated

Legacy registry keys can be deleted by right-clicking on them to grant yourself full-control permissions.

Have you tried pandlouk’s uninstaller?