Cannot print with Brother Laser Printer


I recently installed CIS v.3.5.57173.439, signature 937.
I made sure to completely uninstall Avast and turned off the Windows Firewall.
Operating System is Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit.
Brother printer HL-5250DN attached to my D-Link DIR-655 extreme through one of the hardwire ports.
I cannot print to the Brother printer but can print to my Cannon Pixma 700.
If I disable Comodo Firewall, I can print.
Looking into the log I can see the UDP broadcast listed as blocked.
I tried setting up a new trusted range for the 192. subnet but I have the observation this creates a conflict as the original blocking issue isn’t removed. I deleted the ip range once this did not work.
I was not successful in figuring out which application Brother uses to generate the UDP broadcast for the printer.
My network address range is the - 255 and I’d like to create a trust permitting UDP inbound and outbound unless there are lessons learned for “not” doing this.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

On a related or not-related issue - when I do print to the Brother printer Comodo shows CNMNSUT.exe as dangerous, but this belongs to Cannon and the Internet shows mixed results on the safety. How do I tell Comodo to ignore this particular .exe and mark it as safe or ignore? Wonder if it is causing my any problems -though I can print to the Cannon Printer.


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