Cannot print share printer and access to bizstore

My daily work always access to the site and print some documents. However, after installing Comodo Internet Security 8. I cannot print/share the printer to other in my local network. Further more I cannot access to the bizstore system ( for my works.

I also tried to uninstall the Comodo Internet Security, printing and accessing to the websites so well. I really don’t what is the exactly problem on my computer. Could you please give me some advice or any solution?

Hi and welcome mtlonthm,
If I have this correct, everything works fine once you uninstall CIS?
During installation deselect Comodo Secure DNS in step 2 of the instructions below and see if this solves your issue.
CIS Premium–Installation-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

Good day captainsticks,

Let i remove CIS and reinstall it following your recommand and update you. Thanks in advance

Hi mtlonthm,
If CIS is still installed, to try my suggestion you just need to disable Comodo Secure DNS manually in preference to uninstalling and reinstalling CIS.

In the final step of the instructions in the link below, select ‘Obtain DNS server address automatically’ then click ‘OK’.
Windows 7 / Vista - Manually Enabling or Disabling Comodo Secure DNS Service

Kind regards.