Cannot Print From Sandboxed Browser


I am using CIS without A/V along with Windows 7 64bit. I decided to try the Comodo Sandbox feature which works quite well. Albeit limited compares with Sandboxie.

What I notice is, when using the ALWAYS SANDBOX feature, under any restriction level, I am unable to print from Opera Browser.

It shows that the Print Spooler is not running (incorrect) and tells me to find a printer so that priting can commence. If you remove Sandboxing completely, No Problem.

Anyway printing can be made to work please?



Confirmed on my machine XP32 bit SP3, CIS 5.4. build 1355 AV db 8829, security software all Comodo.

Would you be kind enough to do a bug report in the CIS bug board please. (See bug forum stickies for guidance)

Best wishes and many thanks