Cannot ping host running Comodo 3.13

I have Comodo 3.13 running on an XP pro box on my LAN. I cannot ping the box by IP or host name from any other machine on my network nor does the host/IP show up in the admin console (DHCP clients table) of my Linksys router.

Any ideas as to how I can fix this?

Simple test to see if the CIS firewall is the cause is to temporarily disable the Firewall and see if it works then…
If not it’s something else, If so something is blocking something and that should be on the network security policy…

I too am unable to ping a COMODO protected workstation, but after some config changes I am able to use telnet and RDP. Also if I disable COMODO ping works. please assist

Is ICMP allowed? This protocol controls ping, tracert, and a couple of others.

Can you show screenshots of the Global Rules and Firewall logs of the machine that needs to be pinged?