Cannot paste text - Chromium Secure

I am using Chromium Secure Version on Windows 8.1. It is fundamentally impossible for me to paste any text into the browser. It doesn’t matter if it’s the address bar or text fields on web pages (such as the text boxes to make a new post here on the forum), I simply cannot paste any text. If I copy text from a Word document, trying to paste it into the address bar with ctrl+v does nothing. When I right click, the Paste option is grayed out. I know there’s text in my Clipboard because I can go straight to another Word document, hit ctrl+v, and it pastes the text. Even on this very text box that I’m typing in for this post, if I right click in here, the Paste option is available, but when I click on it, nothing happens. I do not have this problem in any other browser, including IceDragon, FF, and Chrome. Chromium Secure is the only browser that I have this problem.