cannot open shared folder

I did as above but I am still not able to open my public/shared folder. this is a vista the other is an xp. I can open it on vista but not XP. The firewall event logs have loads of blocked TCP connections from Where do i allow it?

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have you tried making an allow global rule for it?

i have this additional global rule on
CIS/Firewall/advanced/network security policy/global rules ==> add

allow IP in/out
source address :ip range [ -]
destination adress : ip range[]
source port: any
dest port: any

Hi Sgt.ganda

Thanks I get confused with all the rules. I have done as you suggest but did not see reference to ports. I still cannot acces the public folder from the xp machine

I have opened it now. I think the shortcut may have been corrupt. I am still puzzled about the firewall role if any. I can now connect with the other pc but not on port 80?. Thanks Sgt.ganda and everyone else who looked

Hello David,

Basically there are two approaches to this, you define a zone that contains your local network say: /
And you allow All traffic In/Out From/To that network, that will make your system visible to everybody on your local network.

Or you have to specify to allow host a to access host b and vice verse, you can even restrict this to a specific port.
Windows XP/Vista should have enough for filesharing if you allow TCP 445 incoming.

So on host a you TCP allow the ip source from host b with a destination port 445.
on host b you TCP allow the ip source from host a with a destination port 445.

If you do this you have to make sure your pc’s will get the same ip address everytime they startup.

Hope this helps a bit.