Cannot open program anymore when Isolated Application selected

when i select Isolated Application i cant open any program anymore, the solution i make i reboot to safe mode then i import settings to CIS v3.5.57173.439 then reboot to default i can open program again, i hope this problem would fix for next version, im using vista 32 sp1 uac on

‘Isolated application’ will make the application incommuncado with other applications. It is a feature to be used against suspected virus executives… Which file did you isolate to cause these problems???

Do mention the OS, Security Applications running.

i think winrar

im running vista 32 sp1
just anti-virus avira antivir personal & comodo firewall v3.5.57173.439

Is it zip / rar files that you are not able to open??? If yes,

Try the following to solve the problem

Open CIS>Defense+>Advanced>Computer Security Policy

Double click on winrar>change it to ‘predefined policy’ - trusted application.

In case it is any other program - find the program name (the program which you are not able to open in ‘normal mode’ but is able to open in ‘safe mode’) in the defense+ computer security policy and change it to trusted application and see whether it solves your problem.