Cannot Open More than One Ice Dragon Browser At A Time

This is really frustrating. I have a Windows 7 desktop that I can only open one window with the Ice Dragon browser. If I go to open a second window by clicking the icon I get the following message:
Ice Dragon is already open and not responding, to open another window you must first close the existing Ice Dragon Process, or restart your system. This does not happen on my Dell All-in-One Windows 8.1 desktop.
The Windows 7 desktop is an AMD FM2 7850 Apu with 16 gb ram and 128 Gb Ssd drive . The Windows 8 pc is ab Intel Gen 3 Cpu with 8 gb ram and 240 gb ssd drive.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled so many times…I do note that on the Win 7 desktop the only difference I can see it the designation “Portable” and on my last reinstall I definitely did not check that option yet it came in anyway.
Software is the same and browsers have WOT and Adblock Plus as well as Ad Muncher software but the Ad Muncher I have disabled and it makes no difference.

I can open a few extra windows using "File, New Window " but they have a shortened taskbar and my addons do not work in them.