Hi, I am having trouble trying to open word 2007??, all my other applications work well except for word? I am using comodo free firewall??. can anyone help me please? thank you


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I read you have a problem opening Microsoft office 2007, hmmm… :THNK

Can you please provide more info:

  • What is your current system setup? (what os are you running?, what security software are you running?)
  • Do you get an alert of the firewall when opening Microsoft word 2007?
  • When exactly has this happened?
  • Do you see some kind of error message?


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Can this topic help you?

Yes, LA has pointed out some solutions in that thread, you might take a look and see if that solves your problem.

I am using windows vista,32 bit, comodo free firewall, when I try to open word 2007 nothing happens, no error message, nothing??, it just will not open??, I added the application and everything, but still nothing??, wow, this is hard?, all my other apps work fine?.

Have you tried both things in the other thread? First clear Defense+ rules for Word, then add it as a Safe File? To verify that it’s actually Defense+ that’s blocking Word, you can try to disable Defense+ temporarily.