Cannot open firewall

Hi there I have been using comodo firewall for a while now and never had any problems however for some reason last week it just stop loading up when my computer started up … I tried to open the program manually but i only get the opening graphic and nothing else happend…

I have been traawling through the forum for a while but can’t seem to find anything to help me … I tried to uninstall but nothing happens and i also tried to reinstall over the top to be told i already have a version on my computer do i want to remove it … I click yes and te box dissapears but again nothing happends…

Any idea how best to fix this problem… This is a great piece of software and i really want to stay with it if i can only resolve these issues…

Just for a heads up my computer knowledge isn’t that sharp so simple would be good!

Fingers crossed



you might deinstall it again, search registry for any comodo entrys and delete.

then download a new file of comodo, but hurry your open ports.


plse report

Thanks for your quick responce but like i said keep it simple…

How do I do what you just said to do??

and what do you mean hurry your open ports…??


go offline

deinstall comodo in add/remove.

then open regedit and search for “comodo”, erase all strings in the LEFT pane.

then go to comodo site and download file.

with hurry i mean you have no firewall running, so download, offline, install.


When i try and remove it using add/remove nothing happens…


open regedit and just remove all comodo entries.

on comodo site look for a file english only names like cfp_001_001.exe

its same firewall without multilanguage.


Hi Jason

What version are you using
On start-up does the comodo icon appear in the taskbar bottom right of screen?
Have you tried to uninstall with start > all programs > comodo > firewall > uninstall?

Maybe answere lies here…

Thanks for all the support so far but to be honest I am still struggling…

Like I said I’m all a bit new to all this and have done what was explained in the thread you left me above…

I have deleated the comodo enteries in the device manager but when i try and use reg edit to deleate the remaining stuff off i get the following files i cannot deleate

default (value not set)
comodo application agent
comodo application engine
comodo network engine
comodo firewall pro application agent

i really wanna get this sorted out so i can get my firewall up and running ASAP

any more advice

thanks in advance


As I recall from a memory-lane stroll thru the registry, these are all Legacy keys that you list. Thus, you will need to right-click the key, select Permissions. Then find the applicable group (to identify yourself) and give yourself Full Controls over the key. Then you can delete.

In my experience, the most crucial registry key (that causes this “already installed” problem) is this one: