Cannot open Clickbank view pitch page neither hoplink created

I am running Windows XP, Service pack 2 (HP Pavillion laptop). I have Comodo free firewall and antivirus installed with Lavasoft Ad Adware SE Plus ( Ad watch SE plus enabled). Today I wanted to check a clickbank product view pitch page. Clicking on the view page link, all that is happening is some movement of my IE browser (version 7) and then back to the clickbank page without opening the clickbank product web page. I then created my clickbank hop link and try to open that, same. Thus far I am very happy with Comodo free products, this is annoying. Can somebody please help why this is happening and how can I rectify the situation. Thanks

Not sure this is a FW issue; sounds more like a browser-related deal (popups, scripts, java, etc), possibly even to do with the antispyware.

What steps have you taken that lead you to the conclusion that it’s the FW?

If you change Alert Frequency to Allow All, does it work?


PS: I’m moving this to the FW Help forum