Cannot open CID browser - Portable Version

Hi everyone,

I installed the CID’s portable version and I’m not able to open the browser.

Error Screenshot:

I had already looked into the following pages for help:

Unfortunately, nothing worked for me :frowning:

But when I searched more about this issue, I came to know that all user profile is stored in the “User Data” folder inside the main Comodo IceDragon installation folder. And when I checked for the “User Data” folder in my installation directory, I couldn’t find it.

Things you may wanna know:

  • This is the first time I’m using CID
  • Rarely used any browser except Chrome
  • Never synced or created a profile in Firefox in this PC
  • Used Run Command icedragon.exe -p and also “C:\Program Files\Comodo\IceDragon” -p
  • I was able to create a profile for Firefox using run command “firefox.exe -p” during the process of troubleshooting this issue
  • Had no installation errors
  • Didnt move any files or folders after the installation completed

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome Fariidom,
This sounds like a folder permission issue.
Try installing the portable version in a different location with full control. (e.g. Downloads folder.)

Kind regards.