Cannot login

stuck at login, just keeps looping

how about firewall protection ? and make sure u are connected ;d

gee thanks >:(
I have CIS and you’d have to think they’d recognise their own app

I’m having the same problem. The log in worked one time and let me into the program, but since has looped over and over on the log in screen. I too have CIS and… while I would hope they recognize their own products as safe, I disabled my firewall and checked my connectivity to be sure. Let me know if you need any more info.

hope somebody can help :-\


I have been testing this program for the past few days.

Under one account, it kept saying I had the wrong credentials (ie. wrong user ID or Pass) which was not the case. Apparently, others have that problem as well. There is another thread about this on this forum and no workable solution. I also started a support ticket and the probem was acknowledged with no solution.

As for the problem with looping during the sign-in process, it keeps happening to me now on multiple accounts without any reason. Sometimes it logs in in 5 seconds, sometimes it loops for a few minutes, and a couple of times it just refuses to log in at all ! ???

I don’t see both of the problems above related to user error, and I believe both stem from the same probelm at Comodo server side as it fails to properly autheticate the accounts.

If someone has a suggestion or workaround, please do share.