Cannot log on to domain

I just installed CPF today and have had a few pains getting it set up. Currently I cannot boot into Windows (XP SP2) unless I disconnect my ethernet cable. Once the system is up I can connect the cable and use a browser, etc. However, Outlook will not connect and my network shares are not connected. I assume it’s not letting me log on to the domain. I’ve read through many of the forum posts but don’t see anything specific to my problem. I’m hoping it is something simple but don’t have a clue at this point. Help!

Note: I have set up several rules for zones to match our LAN including the all WINS servers, domain controllers, etc as per the instructions.


Do you have Secure the host while booting option enabled(Accessible through Security->Advanced section)?

IF not, can you please go to Security->Network Monitor, double click on the last rule(which should be Block ip in from any to any …) , select create an alert if this rule is fired option and retry logging in.

After you fail to login, Activity->Logs section should include the log of packets that are blocked by CPF. If you can send your logs, we can see what is going on.


OK, I cleared the logs and did a fresh boot this morning. The logs are attached.


[attachment deleted by admin]

What are your network rules? Obviously CPF is blocking inbound RPC and netbios requests as it is supposed to do. Is in your trusted zone? If you can give us the details of your configuration, we can help better.


OK, I’m ready to give up on CPF. I can’t spend much more time tweaking this thing.

Here is what I’ve done:
(1) Created a network rule IP In/Out ANY ANY ANY
(2) Turned off Application Behaviour Analysis
(3) Turned off Secure the Host While Booting
(4) Turned off Block Fragmented IP Datagrams
(5) Every item in application monitor and component monitor is allowed
(6) The logs are empty

The only configurable options left are the flood settings and the port probe settings (that I’m aware of)

I still cannot log on to my computer with the ethernet cable attached.

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