Cannot log-in to youtube, imeem, etc.


After I installed Comodo Pro 3, I cannot log-in to many sites such as youtube, imeem, and blingo. I think Comodo Pro 3 is blocking the cookies. It keeps telling ways to enable cookies and none of those methods are working. I am using IE7 because firefox does not load on my computer. Can I let Comodo firewall enable cookies so I can log-in to such sites?



Comodo does not block cookies. There is no web shield with Comodo. Make sure Internet Explorer and Firefox are selected as a web browser in the firewall settings.

Thanks for the reply,

Do you mean that I have to add IE7 as a new trusted program?


If you do not add IE as a trusted program then it will not work. Shouldnt be using IE anyways. Use Firefox.


I use IE7 because firefox does not open on my computer for some reason.
But I did add IE7 as a new trusted program but I cannot log in to youtube and imeem still.

Can there be a different problem?


How does Firefox not open? Firefox works on everyones pc. What version did you try?


Are there any appropriate entries in firewall’s log?