Cannot Install

Hi, I recently had to uninstall CIS as it I found out (after a day or two of breaking my head over it) it was sneakily borking installation of a VPN.

After I installed the VPN, even after disabling (disconnecting) VPN I cannot install CIS

I keep getting the error in the attachment.

Aaargh…how the heck do I attach a file…I tried copying (pasting) an image it didnt work. What’s with the corny icon-only buttons ? Had to mouse over each of the frigging tiny icons to see what it was, and it was slow. Could not find one for attachments

ANyway - the error is: 12029 A connection with the server could not be established.

I performed the registry hack as mentioned in another thread but it didn’t work

I can get to any site just fine including comodo

Thanks in advance !

Wow…read 54 times and not one suggestion ??

Well, I knew Comodo couldnt be that bad, I have after all used it for more than 10 years, so I gave it one last shot - I installed as Admin. (Run as)
Now last time too, I remember it asked me for admin pwd, I didnt know Windows was silly enough to differentiate between the two.
Got it all up and running now…cheers !

(But these icons and button colors are still a friggin’ eyesore…I cant read which is the Post and which is the Preview button so have to guess by length…ancient HTML in use here)