Cannot Install

I’m running Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 and it will not allow me to install. As soon as I install it does its thing for a while until it pauses. Upon pausing, a window pops up that says “The software you are installing has not passed Windows Logo Testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP.” It gives me two options: “Continue Anyway” or “STOP Installation”. After I select “Continue Anyway” the installation does nothing, only for the same window to pop up again. After selecting “Continue Anyway” once again, the installation status “Rolling back action:”. After that the installation window closes and another one comes up telling me the installation has ended prematurely. Any help with this issue will be appreciated.

Have you had EVPN installed before on your computer?

Hi, i have same problem and yes i had installed my easyVPN on my laptop before.

After I disabled all network adapters I could install easyVPN. Now I get error: “Failed to enable the COMODO VPN Adapter. THe peer to peer connection could not be establiseh. Please ensure the VPN service is runnig” although I’ve checked it and i have COMODO EasyVPN and COMODO EasyVPN VNC services running in Services(local).

the network adapter u can try to run manualy. jst go to controll pannel → connections = right click on comodo connection and run