Cannot install on vista. Here is the error message....

Hello guys and gals. Just upgraded to Vista but am having problems installing CPF. The error message states…“The installed operating system is not supported by COMODO firewall pro. Aborting installation.”

I previously had Norton 360 installed but uninstalled it. (Because it’s worthless.) After removing Norton, I installed Kaspersky antivirus - which is still installed. I was almost certain you could run the two together IF you installed Kaspersky before CPF.

Something is amiss but I have no clue as to what.

Any ideas?


Are trying to install the latest version, Did you use the Norton removal tool from their website to get rid of all traces?

Thanks for your reply sded. I found a solution, although I don’t know what caused it.

I ran a cleanup tool to clean up temp files, then redownloaded CPF and tried again. I haven’t seen a corrupt download in ages but I guess it’s remotely possible.

All is well now…thanks for your time.