Cannot install Comodo Firewall

During the installation of the FireWall, I am getting the message: Problems with deleting the shortcurts. Please delete shortcuts manually. I really don’t understand what this means. Can anybody help me?

I can’t as I’ve not seen this before.

If nobody else can directly help you on the forums, then go to Comodo Supoort, register on their system & create a ticket on this issue. If you do this, please post back any feedback you get here. Thanks.

Hi, did you create a shortcut setup.exe of CPF and try to install from it or have it on your PC somewhere? I would look for dual instances of an .exe CPF file first. If so, delete the shortcut, and use the main CPF install file only.


I too just had this problem. I can’t install it because it says I have it already installed and to use Add/Remove to uninstall. Its not listed there so I can’t do that, there are no registry entries, the install folder is empty and I deleted it (0 bytes).

As far as I can tell, this little error completely rendered the installation useless.

Any ideas as to how I can remove something that doesn’t exist so that I can “reinstall” it, even though it hasn’t yet been installed?

I’m getting the same thing. I am NOT installing from a shortcut! I downloaded CFP_Setup_English_2.4.18.184.exe to my F: drive. When I doule-click it in explorer, I get the “please kindly remove shortcuts manually” message, followed by a failed install with the message “rollback complete”.

If I try to re-install, I get the “you must be having older version” message, and have to do the manual uninstall step.

I went through this entire process twice. Something is broken here. Maybe if I try a previous version this bug will not be there.

– Chuck

Hi Chuck, welcome to the forums.

My initial reply concerning Comodo Support, still stands as an option to resolving this issue.

However, if you can check the Windows Event Logs to see if there is any evidence in there regarding these CFP installation attempts & post them here, I would be grateful. Thanks.

 God Bless you on this day my friend; i like to know if you fix you problem with the firewall installation, i have the same problem as you, if you fix it, can you let me know how you doit? thank you and have a great day.

Microsoft is the culprit – big shock to everyone, I’m sure :stuck_out_tongue:

You may THINK you have Windows Firewall turned off – but maybe you don’t. When you go through Windows Security Center is can show as “disabled”, but guess what I randomly stumbled across?

Right-click on a directory in explorer, and chosen “sahring and security”, then click the “view your windows firewall” settings at the bottom. Even though the initial tab (“General”) shows that it’s off, take a look at the third tab (“Advanced”). On my computer, “Local Area Connection” had a check in it. Once I unchecked that, I was able to install Comodo no problemo! …not to mention I was able to share files, which was my real reason for even finding this…


Okay, but what do I do if I can’t use the install file because Comodo thinks it has been successfully installed?


You might want to take a look at these threads, assuming you haven’t done so already.

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Will do.