Cannot import x32 settings in Windows 7 x64

I ran into a snag when I wanted to try out Commodo IS on a Windows 7 RC1 x64 test rig.

The install of the latest stable version went fine in Vista SP2 compatibility mode. I then exported the settings from Comodo IS x32 running on XP but was unable to import them again on the x64 machine. I think this should be a high priority fix target so that users can easily upgrade to the upcoming OS… and believe me, the majority of users will go for x64 since almost everything runs on there flawlessly.

The wish is father to the thought here I am afraid.

There are some serious architectural differences between XP and Win 7 for starters. There are even more with the jump from 32 to 64 bits; think singed drivers for example.

It would be irresponsible of Comodo to endorse copying profiles like that as well as that Comodo would undermine its reputation… 88)

I concur. 64-bit is not 32-bit.

Obviously, this trap is self-made then because settings are stored in the registry. Since the GUI is absolutely the same, there should be no problems. It might be a good idea to add the option to let the user select where to store the settings in registry or program folder. At the very least, there should be separate import/export options in some windows like Network zones.

Storing in file or registry doesn’t change the fact that the underlying technologies are too different to make an export successful.

Storing settings under Program Files would cater for problems with compatibilty on Vista and Win 7. Since Vista there is a stricter separation, for security reasons, between accessing user settings and system area (Program Files). Putting the settings file under Users would be the right way. Anyway, there is a known discussion between Comodo devs whether to store in file or registry. For now the registry people win…

When exporting/importing My Network Zones gets transferred. My Own Safe Files and My Trusted Software Vendors don’t get transferred unfortunately.

I managed to import cross-import settings now. The problem, as I understand it, was that 3.8 x64 GUI was always running without admin rights, thus any importing/exporting/updating of files was unsuccessful. The new 3.9 seems to be a bit more compatible, anyway, the problem to the solution is exiting CIS via the icon, the re-starting it with admin rights.

(importing settings did not do me any good where programs are concerned, though, since all paths and checksums are obviously different - but at least I got some IPs from my custom block lists.)