Cannot import settings from the same version of CFP [RESOLVED]

I cannot import the settings I exported today on the same version of CFP (
More info about the issue:
Today I was getting ready to uninstall CFP so I exported settings to a “comodo” file under my documents. Then I tried to “import as” and it worked fine. CFP was installed under “C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall”. Then I proceeded with uninstalling and reinstalling but I was presented with a hitch. After reinstalling the latest version, windows started and everything was fine but cfp.exe stayed at 84kb in process manager and didn’t move for over 20 minutes at which point I uninstalled it. I tried reinstalling but that didn’t fix it. So I installed an older version - - which worked and tried to import settings from the newer version; it was unsuccessful. So I updated this fw to the latest version ( and tried importing again, which didn’t work. It might be worth mentioning that I installed it to a different directory than before: “C:\Program Files\FW\Comodo\Firewall”.

My OS is Vista x64. Any help would be appreciated since I had a lot of settings saved before reinstalling.

You missed this sticky.Also there are 2 steps when you import. You need to import your setting and called it something. Then reboot and now go back in and find the setting you imported and apply it.Then reboot.Its all in the help file.

As you have changed the path this is most probably the reason as the install path is in the registry config screenshot below.

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CFP is working fine. The problem is I can’t import the settings I exported earlier today. It comes up with this error: “Could not import settings from the specified file.” even though it’s been exported from the same version.

As Dennis2 showed you, the settings are stored as a registry hive. The exported settings have a different installation path than the current settings, so CFP3 can’t import them into the registry. You could reinstall into the previous path, then import should work.

I thought it was like that as well but wanted to be sure before reinstalling again because it’s a painful task. I hope devs resolve this issue in a future version. Thanks for your help.

Edit: Reinstalled to previous path and it imports the settings correctly.

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