Cannot get windows to load

I had Comodo firewall 3 installed and the constant popups were bugging me to no end. I read about other issues on this forum and decided to go back to version 2.4. So I uninstalled version 3 and installed version 2.4. I did this in normal mode.

Just to note, this is the ONLY major change I did to my computer that day, and it worked perfectly fine every time before that.

I came in this morning and turned my computer on only to discover that it will not completely load windows. It sits at the Windows XP splash screen. I’ve tried several times to load it in safe mode and it freezes there as well.

What should I do? Should I keep restarting in hopes that it will load eventually? If it does load what files should I look for to delete? Like I said I’ve uninstalled version 3 already.

This is bad :frowning: There is stuff on there I need to keep. Any help is appreciated.

Windows XP SP2 32bit

Here is a working and intriguing way back in: .

I had a similar problem on a laptop and had to use a restore disk to go back to a previous checkpoint. I discovered that explorer.exe was not loading with windows. Tried loading it through task manager but it kept shutting down. I re-installed CFP3 after my checlpoint restore and it has been fine since. (though I did swap CAVS2 for avast as there were issues on the laptop with CAVS).


Unfortunately for me I don’t have a ‘restore disk’ and loading from windows last known good configuration isn’t working either.

I’ll try the link posted up above. Now if I can only get my stupid cd drive to open. blech

Ok, so a strange new development. Pressing the open button on my cd drive yielded no results. So I figure its trying to access it or something. So I unplug the SATA connection, but leave the power in so that I can open the drive.

Well upon disconnecting the drive and hitting the reset button it loaded windows right up, well it loaded safe mode.

So whats wrong with my cd drive? What doesn’t windows like about it? It has never given me problems before for the 6+ months I’ve had it. The dvd in the drive was Unreal Tournament 3.

I know this is going a bit off topic now, but Im still curious if Comodo 3 did anything.

Edit: Well, I booted to safe mode and uninstalled version 2.4. I turned my computer off after that. I plugged my dvd drive back in and it started up into windows like normal.

I don’t know whats going on. lol
All I know is I don’t have comodo installed anymore. Which is sad because I’ve used 2.4 for a long time and loved it. Maybe I’ll try again.

For those who have Vista or are willing to invest in something like Acronis True Image, you can image your disk and safely enjoy the benefits of Comodo and other evolving products early-and get your oar in if you have any problems, or don’t like certain features. I started out with disastrous problems on RC1, which required reverting to an image; then a few issues that made me uninstall the final a couple of times until I could figure out how to solve them, and now have only one remaining broken item that seems to not be widespread, and it is not a real problem to me. Comodo even helped me solve some unrelated Vista issues in my system. If you don’t use imaging software, you are underestimating the complexities of making lots of stuff from independent developers work under an operating system that has no information on what they are-and security software has the most complex interaction with the OS and the internet. These often make restore points ineffective because of their wide ranging impacts on the OS. A USB2 hard drive and an imaging program are a very good investment.

Good advice. I’ve been looking for a reason to get an small portable hard drive. I guess I just found one.

BTW, I am currently using a Seagate 250GB USB2 hard drive I got on for $93 delivered. And there have been free copies of Acronis 7.0 given out in the past as promotions-don’t know if there are any active now. So this is not a big ticket item even if you have to buy ATI.

Im a little this appointed >:( it seems good, but It always freeze my pc at windows start up… I really need to quickly open task manager then close explorer then open explorer again… then start my av and comodo manually… (:AGY)

Is their anyway to solve this problem??? in help file it said that its bug from beta and in CFP v3 is already fixed? then why I encountering this kind of problem? I already disable the defence + but everytime I restart my computer it bring problems again…

And another thing is… I try to uninstall it then restart… and now my pc freeze at start up again…
Well I not try to restart again… and if you saying that I got this problem from other program? your wrong because it happens after I install cfp v3 then restart… (:AGY)

is their any possible solution? I find it good, but the problem is freezing at start up…
In its annoying to end task explorer then open and start all youre program 1 by 1…

thanks (:SAD)

■■■■… (:AGY) now my pc always freeze at window start-up… I already uninstall comodo… but after restart I encouter freeze problem… (:AGY)

Mod Please Help…

Why is this happening…

my specs…

winxp pro sp2 x32bit
P4 LGA 2.66GHz
640mb memory ddr
80 seagate hdd

help please… (:AGY)

bump… (:AGY)

no help (:AGY) (:AGY) (:AGY)

this is my first time to use this program and this is what i gET???

sorry for this but, Im really really disapointed…

my computer is freezing at start up because of this program … (:AGY) :-TD

any help??? (:AGY)

Hi striker1985

It sounds like you had a bad install of CFP. This usually happens if some other security application is running at a low level and messes up the install. Can you get to safe mode and do a system restore to a point before install of CFP? If you can’t try using the manual uninstall that is here.


thanks for replying… well I can go to windows by this:

after logging in I open task manager then close explorer ASAP, then open explorer by task manager…

About safe mode, yes I also can go there but the problem is, I don’t have system restore cause Im saving my hdd space thats why i turn it off… I anyway Iguess I need to follow the guide I saw somewhere in the forum that need me to boot and cd (recovery console) but , If there is another solution please post it here… (:TNG)

sorry for my previous post, is just that, Im a little surprice… thanks for reading my que… (:WAV)

i click the link and follow the guide, but I already uninstall comodo the problem is y window is freezing at start up, anyone who have solution please help.

thanks (:WAV)