Cannot get to work with Windows Mail

I must be doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

I am using Windows Main with Windows Vista (64-bit)

I installed Comodo Secure Email (x64), and that seemed to go well. I downloaded the certificate, and that seemed to go well. On the “Certificate Settings” page within CSE, it says that I have a certificate that is valid until 3/31/2011. I have Security State set to VERY HIGH (although same results with all settings).

Now, CSE help says that it should automatically sign/encrypt mail when using the valid email account. So, when I try to send an email, it goes out unsigned and unencrypted. Now, within Windows Mail, when composing an email message, if I specifically select that I want to sign and encrypt an email, it WILL digitally sign the message, but NOT encrypt it, saying that I do not have a valid certificate. And regarding that email that was correctly signed, on the Comodo stats page, it says that 0 emails were sent digitally signed.

So, what am I doing wrong here? It appears that CSE is not interfacing correctly with Windows Mail.

Thanks, Daisey

Hi Daisy,

CSE works by automatically digitally signing and encrypting the messages for you. For this to work you need to ensure Windows Mail is setup correctly along with running it in Network Level Mode.

In Windows Mail, check Tools>>>Options>>>Security Tab and ensure that your certificate is listed there. Also UNTICK any boxes for digitally signing or encrypting mail. This should if both of hte above are setup correctly.

You might also want to check that your certificate is installed propertly by Right-Clicking on Internet Explorer Icon and selecting Properties. Then goto the Content Tab and Select Certificates. It should be listed there.