Cannot get Network recognised by firewall

Hi I am having trouble accessing a home network of 2 computers for file sharing etc. Without the firewall I can ‘see’ the workgroup computers and access one from the other, but once the firewall is applied they just do not appear, let alone connect. Any ideas anyone?

Hi Seasidec
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Have you tried the “Define a new trusted network” wizard?
You will find it under “Security” “Tasks” and it is at the bottom on the left.
Just follow the instructions in the wizard.
That should be all you will need to connect your two computers.

Hi JJasper.

I have the same problem as Seasidec. I have tried to define a new trusted network, but to no avail. My PC is has Windows XP, but the other PC uses Windows 2000. When I uninstalled Comodo firewall I can network with the other PC.

Any sugestions would be appreciated.


If you’re having troubles networking two (or more) computers (ie, filesharing, printsharing, internet connection sharing), here are some questions and steps to take to help diagnose:

  1. Do you have Comodo FW on all the computers in question?

  2. If so, set the Security Level on each one, one at a time starting with the “host” machine, to Allow All. Recheck the connection after each one. Note at which machine this change brought the connection up.

It is best to do the trusted network in a two-step process, which will need to be done on each machine using CFP:

  1. Add a Zone. This is in Security/Tasks/Add a Zone. Set the IP range to include each computer and other networked device (such as a printer) to which you want access.

  2. Define the Trusted Network. This is Security/Tasks/Define a New Trusted Network. Use the Zone you just created. If you do these two things, you will have added two rules to the top of the Network Monitor (Rule ID 0 & 1). The first will Allow IP Out from Any to Zone; the second will Allow IP In from Zone to Any. This ensures unimpeded communication across that “network”.