Cannot get 2 apps to work with Comodo running

It is very possible goodbrazer,

I plan to do a reformat in a few weeks and I will see what happens then, If I still have problems I may revive this thread.

There is a long list of programs that conflict with Steam. See:

The problem may be that there are several exe’s that need to be on the Trusted list for steam to work and one of them appears to be a temp file. Does steamTMP.exe exist on your HD, or is it a created temp file that is removed after use? The troubleshooting suggestion on their site suggests the following:

Close the Steam client application and remove all instances of the following executables from your firewall’s permissions list:

* steaminstall.exe
* steam.exe
* hl.exe
* hl2.exe
* steamTmp.exe

After doing this, you should start steam and when the pop-ups appear for these files, in each case, select “Treat this program as…” and select Trusted Application. Make sure that “Remember…” is checked. The permissions are found at Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy. Just select the rule and click Remove.

I did not find steamTMP.exe,

I found


I added all as trusted apps in the firewall settings but still no connection

Would it be possible for you guys to install these apps (they are both well known and trusted apps) ad see if you can get a connection?

just read that ^ so I took a proper look at Joost website, so its like VeohTV :smiley:

VeohTV is what i have installed for a number of months now. has about 300 channels, I mostly use it for watching movies :smiley: hehe
but that works for me 100% fine with CFP. this joost i see its free and i like movies and free channels, so i’m going to download it later and install it :smiley: I’m very certain though it will run fine for me with CFP installed. but I’ll do that and let you know how it goes and how i setted it up, and what settings I have for it in the firewall so you could adjust yours :wink:

as for Steam well I guess thats like Gamespy Arcade something i’ve had for years, but I don’t go on it anymore, so I won’t try Steam out.

well i just installed joost and got it currently running :smiley:

during the installation I chose Advanced mode and left it to install in the default folder and unticked run at startup and it asked if it could connect to an IP and port 80 I chose allow and remember me, since it has no p2p ability I guess I’ll leave it as remember me since it looks like it connects to a remote ip browser server :smiley:

when i launched Joost it asked again if it could connect to port 80 and some ip i chose allow and remember me again. and its connected and am currently watching a few music videos on it.

my firewall settings are set as in Firewall/common tasks/stealth ports wizard =2nd option set for peer 2 peer networking firewall is in Train with safe mode and Defense+ is in clean pc mode.

PS. joost was playing fine now its showing nothing just a blank black screen in it lol and i can’t click anything. oh well I guess its server is in its beta stages? VeohTV that i have is in beta too but it rarely has problems, its server goes offline once in a while though.

Nevermind seems my system is bogged down with all this securty ■■■■ i suspect (:AGY)
joost seems to be quite demanding compared to VeohTV, stage6 etc,
and it also seems to need to connect to alot of stuff as if its a p2p which it aint
I don’t think you have a router? because if you did then your better off having upnp enabled.
I have a router and have upnp enabled. but as far as CFP goes it shouldn’t be blocking any connections if you have your firewall set to Alert me to incoming connections - stealth my ports on a per-case basis in the Stealth Ports Wizard, you should only get two pop up boxes then when you launch joost with cfp running, one to connect to port 80 the other to some high number port and thats it, joost looks cool, just becareful your system doesn’t get too bogged down with numerous security ■■■■ otherwise joost won’t run well since joost is resource intensive and doesn’t run well at cpu 100% while anything else is going on :frowning:

About steamTMP.exe - try this: start Steam and then open the CFP interface. Go to Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy and click Add. Click Select and choose Running Processes. See if you can locate steamTMP.exe on the process list. If you can, select it and then on the Add dialog, click “Use a Predefined Policy” and select Trusted Application from the drop-down. Click Apply and Apply. Fingers crossed!

I just had a look at the detailed system requirements and info page for Joost
it details the exact ports, etc it uses.
you really shouldn’t be having any trouble connecting behind CFP 3 since you don’t have a router if you have only this global rule
Block | ICMP | In | From Any IP Address | To Any IP Address | Where Message is ECHO REQUEST
in Firewall/advanced/network security policy

but since you are then its not surprising that Steam is having problems too and I’ve not had a chance to check out Steam’s website properly but I’m going to guess Steam is a Games Server.
its best trying to get joost to work properly and connect first since it ain’t a games server so is less complicated, then focus on how to get Steam to work.

as for me I tried Joost out after reading your post asking if anyone would try them 2 apps out and see if it works with CFP 3, well Joost works for me and connects fine, it is a bit sluggish bandwidth wise and the beta client app is like CFP 3 lol very sluggish GUI interface, they said on their site they have a very high bandwidth usage, they must mean their server or servers, so you can expect Joost to cut off frequently because their server bandwidth is not that great and must be new, i Gathered Joost was new since their beta version is 1.0.3

Sorry I can’t be of more help


I can’t seem to find steamTMP.exe under running processes with steam running (is there a way I can manually add it?)


The only way I have yet to get steam and joost both to work correctly is with CFP uninstalled, even with it disabled (hitting exit from the systray) they still do not work.

Deadman36 - Your logs don’t show any of the applications listed as being blocked. The trouble seems to be an incoming connection attempt that is not directed to steam applications. The only way to deal with this is to open ports in the Windows Operating System rule. The problem with doing this is that unless you can identify the IP address that will be making the connection, the ports would have to be open for all incoming requests. This is a serious hole in the firewall. I can’t tell what connections that are being blocked might be the steam connection from the logs. Something to try:
Click Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy>. Locate and select the rule for Windows Operating System (if there is none, click Add and click the Select button and choose Running Process and select the top entry for WOS). Then click “Use a Custom Policy” and click the Add button. On the Add dialog enter the following:
Allow (Check the “Log…” box)
Source Any
Destination Any
Source Port 27015
Destination Port 27015
click Apply.
Then click Add (if there is no Block and Log rule) again and enter:
Block (Check the “Log…” box)
Source Any
Destination Any
Source Port Any
Destination Port Any
click Apply and Apply and Apply.

The first rule should generate Firewall Events that show “Allow” for a connection. If you can identify a single IP address that connects using Windows Operating System, you should modify the Allow rule so that the Source is the single IP address that the rule reveals. If there is a range of IP’s, you can make a rule Allowing that range.

I have gotten one thats say allowed (only one had the rule in effect for about 20 minutes now)

it says

Windows Operating System>Allowed>TCP>>12200>>7212>1/7/2008 11:41:05 PM

That’s really odd. None of the ports match the allowed one in the rule. Could you post a screen shot of your rule for WOS for us to look at? Can you also post or detail your Global rules as they are currently? It was a bit hard to read your screen shots before, so can you increase the quality of the jpg’s you save?
BTW, the whois for the connection that occurred is: CNC Group Hebei province network Do you have any Chinese software on your system? I would be worried if that source appeared to have access to my computer without a justification. They are based in Beijing.

Sorry bout the quality of the pics I will include qa direct link to the full size pic if that helps, here is the WOS screen

and Global Rules

Also, as far as Chinese software, no not that I am aware.

One more time… Edit the rule for WOS to change the Source Port to Any (Destination Port stays the same 27015. I don’t see any of the steam applications on the visible portion of your Network Security Policy page - I assume that they are there just out of sight?
I also notice that you have a number of rules that do not have the Block and Log rule. This is not a problem for most applications, but for svchost.exe, system.exe, WOS, System, Explorer, IE/Firefox/browser, OE/Thunderbird/email, there is the danger of an outside connection that is not prohibited connecting with these applications unless you have the Block and Log rule as the last rule for the application’s policy.
I am still puzzled by the WOS Accepted connection that does not fit the rule. I think that it may be connected to your rules for eMule and limewire. Read the information on this thread:
And if that does not give you the info you need, search from the FAQ’s page for “limewire”. The rule you have is pretty wide open and I would worry about it being a security hole.

looking into the limewire issue,

some news to report on joost\steam is that I got them to work with CFP today but only temporarly. I had them set to run on system startup, did a quick reboot, and then upon reboot they both started and connected properly.

But if I close them and reopen them no such luck, as they go back to not connecting.

I did not change the rules since the last post.