cannot fully install or uninstall on dual-boot

HP xw4600 desktop PC with dual boot Windows 7 32 bit and Windows XP SP3 on 2
separate hard drives.
I installed Comodo Time Machine final version on Windows 7, picking multiboot option 2,
then installed CTM on WinXP, picking multiboot option 3. When I open CTM from either of the installations, I get the error message below.
Used msconfig to disable nonessential services and startup items, also took off all removable drives.
Also, I cannot uninstall CTM on either partition, I get another error message. (see attached)

[attachment deleted by admin]

You’ve just almost exactly repeated one of my experiments -;msg351109#msg351109
I’ve found one way to correct - wait for the fix.

Although there is another one - to unplug one HDD and install it as a single boot system. It doesn’t protect the second disk, not buggy-free but works at least

Thanks for your comments. I read your post. My system is probably set up a little differently since WinXP is booting via the Win7 bootloader (BCD). Win7 is on disk 0, partition 0

Do you mean wait for Comodo to fix the bug?

Do you know of any way to do a manual or forced, clean uninstall of CTM?

Yes, I think its critical for CTM coz as I heared it modifies BCD.

Yeah. :slight_smile:

Not sure what you mean. We can not modify installer and thus can not “force” the program to work properly. If you mean to manually clean registry and so on - I have no idea. :wink:

Your xp is installed on DISK1? I think you can try again with xp installed first picking multiboot option 2 and win7 installed second picking option 3. Good luck!

win7 on HDD0 and xp on HDD1, right?

I installed Comodo Time Machine final version on Windows 7, picking multiboot option 2,
then installed CTM on WinXP, picking multiboot option 3.
This step, you should install ctm to the folder on HDD0 but not the default which is on HDD1

And then to call a shaman to jump around a fire with a tambourine - 100 percent will work.

If you still can not uninstall or reinstall try these two things: (backup data first)

  1. Fix MBR. You can use the beta version of EasyBCD 2.0 which is windows 7 compatible for mbr and multiboot needs. (must register in their forums to download beta version. It is highly stable.)

  2. If above doesn’t work. Try using a Partition Manager program such as Partition Wizard Home free edition and examine the disk you are installing CTM on. Since CTM did not install properly, it leaves an unallocated partition at the beginning of the drive. It is usually around 1MB. I believe it stores the subconsole information on it even though the Partition manager sees it as an unused space.

Wipe “just” that unallocated partition (rewrite the unallocated partition with just zero’s since it is quicker).

Reboot and you should be able to uninstall CTM. It might be best to install CTM from the drive that the main boot OS resides in. Also recheck any computer sleep settings.

Hope this helps.