Cannot Firewall Upgrade Fails

Everytime Comodo wants to upgrade, Microsoft XP Home SP2, gives me an error. I tried to manually do the upgrade through Comodo Firewall with updater and it tells me: “Error 106 cannot complete the update process”.

So if I go to the website and try and locate the latest upgrade, where do I look? Can I download the latest update from the website? If so, when downloaded, do I just run an exe file, or must I run something different? Thanks in advance for your response.

Which version of CPF do you currently have? If the version is too old it may not be able to do the update.
If it version 2.3 it should work though in my case I could not get the update to work until I disabled my anti-virus on-access scanner : it may be worth you trying this.


I also have problem with the update. Turning off the anti virus doesn’t work. I use CPF version 2.4.
Can i manually download the update from the web?

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Don’t think so (but maybe I’m wrong), but you can do a clean install: