Cannot find info on my version

The “Help, About” says Comodo Internet Security Premium, version
Is this an obsolete paid version or some free version? I cannot remember when I installed it, but it’s been running for some time now.

There is a version 10, but it isn’t part of the normal update until around the 1st week in April - probably after the next Windows 10 major update. Its’s up to you, but it may be advisable to wait . . . 8.4 is fine until then

Thanks. It’s not so much the version number as it is the “Premium” part. I can’t find any such product name.

It’s pretty much the same - depends on free or pay, but the components are the same

I apologize for not making myself clear. I can’t remember if this “Premium” CIS is a free or a paid product. I can’t find any info on it on the web site. I have a 3 PC Avast license that’s about to expire and I was thinking about switching to Comodo. I wanted to know if I already had a paid version.

Question mark on top right corner > about . . . should show you

This outlines the differences

Thank you! That’s the first page I’ve seen from searching that mentions the “Premium” version.

CIS Premium is the free version. ^