Cannot Export Certificate with Private Key

Operating System: Windows XP SP3 (32 bit)

I am attempting to export my digital ID so that I can migrate to and import it into Vista.
When I run the Certificate Export Wizard I cannot export the Private Key. On the page that shows that step the “Yes, export private key” option is grayed out and not able to be selected.

I have viewed the certificate propertied and it states that:
“You have a private key that corresponds to this certificate.”

Any help on exporting so I can migrate the digital ID to Vista would be appreciated.

Hi, tjraymond

First of all - It seems to me that your certificate was installed without supporting exporting private key.
So, You should write e-mail to our and ask to revoke it.
Then You should order new certificate for this e-mail address.
Note: Your friends and other people - who have your current (to be revoked) certificate should be informed about change of it (the most simple way - to send them signed with new certificate e-mails) and if they try to send you e-mail, encrypted with your current certificate you will not be able to read such e-mails.

Then - we should discover - why your certificate can’t be exported with the private key. Can you answer, pleae, next questions:

  1. How have you ordered this certificate? (Via Comodo SecureEmail SignUp Wizard, Via Comodo Web Site - Order Free Personal certificate)
  2. How have you installed it? (With Comodo Secure Email, clicked on the Button in Collection E-mail - and installed from Web-Site)

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Eugene