Cannot download with IE

When I try to download anything with IE nothing happens, rightclick save target also doesn’t works, any solution?

Win 7 64
IE 11

Hi naren,
Have you tried resetting IE settings?
Found under the advanced tab of the internet options.
Do you get any error messages?
Is the ‘Save Target As’ greyed out?


Reset through IE & above link didn’t solved the issue.

Uninstalled IE 11. The version on the system is now 8.

Checked windows for updates, its showing IE 9 along with few other updates in imp updates & 10 & 11 in optional updates. Can I skip 9 & 10 & directly install 11?

IE 8 - Download was working
IE 9 - Download was working

IE 10 - Same prob, download not working.

I guess download will not work with IE 11 too.

What should I do now?

I hope BD Free is not the prob.

Anyone with Bitdefender Free AV
IE 11
Win 7 64

have this prob?

chkdsk /f & sfc /scannow reported no errors.

IE with no addons too have the same prob.

Temporary Internet Files folder is corrupted & not accessible. I am not able to change the disk space, its set to 0.

Attached is the screenshot

[attachment deleted by admin]

Can anyone plzz post few screenshots for me if you have Win 7 64?
On Win 7 64, temporary internet files folder is in users-username-appdata-local-microsoft-windows-temporary internet files, right?

Plzz post screeshots of-------

temporary internet files - properties - security tab
temporary internet files - properties - advanced - permissions
temporary internet files - properties - advanced - owner

I have taken the permission & it solved the issue. Just want to see how it is on another Win 7 64 system.

Took the ownership with the above software & solved the issue.

Unknown why it happened, but glad to hear that you solved the issue. :-TU

Yes, dont know why it happened.

Temporary Internet Files folders properties showed owner as unable to show owner so I took the ownership with the program TakeOwnership & it solved the issue.