Cannot disable the firewall

Win10 Pro 64 Comodo firewall wont let me disable it! I have many custom ruleset settings , if I uninstall and re-install will they be kept?

What is it that you can’t disable?

It will not keep your settings, you will have to manually export your config file and then import it and activate it again after you’ve re-installed.

I cannot disable the firewall. From the taskbar icon right click to bring up Firewall menu. “Block All,Custom Ruleset,Safe Mode,Training Mode,Disabled”
All work except Disabled. No matter what I do I am unable to disable the firewall and the Comodo Widget continues to show Secure

In that case I would recommend doing a clean re-installation following Chiron’s guide although if you want to keep your settings then you must first go to Advanced Settings > Configuration > Find your active configuration and then right-click it and click “Export” when it asks about saving changes then click “Yes” and then find a good place to keep it and then click “Save” … Once you’re finished with the re-installation then you can go to the same place then right-click in the list and click “Import” and then find the config file you exported and after it has been imported you right-click it and click “Activate” and then click “OK” on the Advanced Settings window to save the changes.

OK I’ll do that. Thanks for the help.

Well, having gone through this process I still have the same problem and so am at a loss what to try next. Cant see why my firewall rules should effect this.

To rule out a corrupted configuration, could you try activating a default configuration and trying with that?

I have removed Comodo again and reinstalled with the basic settings. Still getting the same issue.

Do you have any other security programs that may be interfering? If not then I don’t know what the problem is, sorry.

What came installed? Norton or Mcafee (or other) ? Download the removal tools. could be a driver or something else that would not let go. Interfering with the install. One possibility.

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