cannot disable comodo- cmdagent interfering with p2p

I am having a lot of trouble. i am using D++ apps to share files, and cannot get them access to my files. i have set up manual ports open tcp and udp , and have checked online that they are visible, and they are. but dc++ and icedc++ still cannot access my material.

so i have looked in the taskmanager at the process list, and i see that cmdagent.exe and probably a few other comodo processes are actually active, although i have not opened the program for a few weeks, relying instead on my hardware firewall. so i am thinking that possibly comodo is still blocking access for my d++ apps.

another thing! i came into this forum via the comodo interface, and came into the forums logged on, no problem. but there is no link that i can find to the tech support request part of this site, so i have found a post relating to this, followed the link provided in the answer, to the support site
but on this page, i was not logged in.
however, when i entered my email addy and password, there was error mssg ‘invalid email address or password’. so i’ve used the lost password link thinking i might have misrecorded my password in the document in which i record such stuff.

but on doing this, there’s an error message saying that the email address isn’t valid and that there is no such user registered. which is absolutely wrong!!! because i am at the same time looking at my own registered profile details elsewhere on the site, where i am recorded as being logged in!

so, i need help accessing the ■■■■■■ support request page and being recognised as a registered user! and then i really need help ridding my machine of active sub-executables of comodo until the time i ask it to start up again.

i don’t like the fact that despite the fact comodo firewall’s supposedly not running (and that’s another problem- i stopped it once from running on windows startup and now i can’t get it to show up at that time anymore at all), it’s still seemingly controlling traffic

not only that, but when i try through the task manager, there’s error message ‘access denied’. who the hell has managed to deny me access to a function of my own taskmanager???

i hope you can help. i’m no expert yet. tutors much appreciated

also, just wondering- has anyone had incompatibility probls with AVG?