Cannot delete program

Hello, I had a program which tried to connect to the internet and when the comodo firewall notification popped up, i accidentally set it as an ‘isolated application’ and now i can’t open or delete the program - it says that i don’t have the permissions required to delete/open the program even though i’m the administrator

how can i undo this?

i am using comodo internet security 4.1 with windows 7


Check and delete any rules found for this application on Computer Security Policy and Network Security Policy.
When you run again this application, the alert should be back.


ok, i found the program and deleted it from the policies

the alert doesn’t pop up, it’s stuck on the permissions issue, it says “windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. you may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item”.

when i try and find out who the ‘owner’ is, it says ‘unable to display current owner’

What program is it, because that could be another problem? Can you scan this application to see if is identified as malicious from AV scanner?
It would be good to quarantine this application and sumbit it to the Comodo for analysis to see if it is malicious or not.

i remember that it was detected as malicious by comodo, but i definitely know that it’s not malicious, the program only started occurring AFTER i installed that update from comodo “cfw_installer_x64.exe”

the program is called 'SUPER" - SUPER (computer program) - Wikipedia

Wen you know for sure that this applications is not malicious than you must submit it as false positive: Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis
Can you check if this application is not in quarantine?

Edit: Do you use CIS or only FW / Defense +?

its not in quarantine. i’m using “comodo internet security premium”, when i open it, there’s a tab for


so i suppose i have all 3, CIS

well, i managed to get rid of the program. i scanned using comodo, it detected a threat and removed it, i guess it solves my problem in a way