Cannot create a network

I just installed EVPN and am able to sign-in to my user account. Per Help, when I create a new network it should appear under Networks in the window. When I run the create a new network command I am logged off and have to sign back in. When I do, nothing appears under Networks. I also tried joining the network I tried to create and the same thing happens (signed off). I am mystified.

I have XP SP3 and Comodo FW (w/o D+). EVPN has trusted status in the FW and both new networks detected during EVPN install were given full rights.

I also can’t create a network but says the name must start with a Latin letter (a-z) or a number. I’m entering normal letters.

I finally realized that unlike Hamachi, EasyVPN networks cannot include spaces, but it doesn’t tell you this. It only gives the error about Latin letters.

if this is true i think we can stick it as a resolution how to and why