Cannot copy/paste Bases.cav Ver(3.9.95478.509 x32)

I’m getting the “Antivirus engine is not initialized” error when I try to update or scan using Comodo. I think its an issue with the Bases.cav file, since I don’t have one in my Scanner folder. When I try to copy one from the Repair folder, I get a “data error (cyclic redundancy check)” error. I get this even in Safe Mode. This was just installed for the first time, on a fresh install of XP Pro SP3. I have used the Diagnostics tool which found an error, but could not repair said error.

Thanks in advance guys.

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Getting a crc error means that the data is corrupted. Try uninstalling CIS and reboot. Then make sure the CIS folder under Program Files is totally gone and install CIS again.

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